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2023 Award Winners Box


We’re honored when our products received accolades from cheese experts in 2023! Awards come from international and domestic competitions each year, often with thousands of participants.

This selection of award winners highlights the diversity of the products we make: from spreadable goat cheese with all-natural flavors, to our double-infused marinated chèvres, as well as a surprising goat cheese wrapped in a grape leaf!

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1 Belle Chevre Honey Spreadable Goat Cheese 6Oz - World Cheese Awards 2023-2024 - Silver.

1 Belle Chevre Fig Spreadable Goat Cheese 6Oz - Specialty Food Association SOFI Award - Gold

1 Belle Chevre Greek Kiss 4Oz -  World Cheese Awards 2022-2023 - Silver. 

1 CHEVOO Herbes de Provence 4Oz -  World Cheese Awards 2022-2023 - Gold - American Cheese Society 2023 Awards - 3rd place.

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