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The Spotted Trotter Coppa


Coppa is a spiced and cured whole pork shoulder. The Spotter Trotter marinates it in a rich blend of Urfa Biber pepper, white pepper, mace, smoked pimenton, and garlic. It is washed with red wine and then fermented and hung in a curing cave for 4 weeks. This salami is perfect for sweet and savory pairings. The delicate but rich Coppa pairs well with goat's and cow's milk cheeses or can be layered in a grilled cheese with fontina and onion jam for a knockout sandwich.

Net Weight: 2 oz package (sliced)

Ingredients: Pork, garlic, salt, spices, sodium nitrate.

Produced in USDA EST. Number 00273

Gluten Free / Produced in a Plant where Nuts and Dairy may be Present

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