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Wholesale - Belle Chevre Spreadable Goat Cheese Log in a Cup - Original (case of 6)


Belle Chevre’s Original Spreadable Goat Cheese offers the tangy freshness of a plain goat cheese log, but in its resealable container it remains fresher longer so there’s no waste.

Enjoy our Original spreadable goat cheese on a bagel or a slice of toast. Add some jelly or honey and voila! – a delicious and healthy breakfast or snack! You can also use our spreadable chèvre in recipes that call for cream cheese or ricotta. Thanks to Belle Chevre, cheesecakes and lasagna have never tasted better!

The resealable container allows for a better goat cheese experience with *less mess, no waste.” 

Cultured pasteurized goat milk, salt, enzymes, potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness)..

Contains goat milk.

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