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The Spotted Trotter Georgia Blue Salami (Feat. Sweet Grass Dairy Asher Blue)

The Spotted Trotter goes after our cheese-loving hearts with their Georgia Blue Salami, folding in Sweet Grass Dairy’s earthy, mushroomy Asher Blue. This adds depth and a hint of lactic creaminess to the savory punch of high-quality cured pork. Salty, snackable, and totally unique. Georgia Blue Salami pairs well with a spicy compote and a drizzle of honey.

Ingredients: Pork, blue Cheese (unpasteurized grass based cow's milk, cultures, traditional rennet, sea salt, p. roqueforti), salt, red wine (fermented red grapes), dextrose, garlic, sodium nitrate, white pepper, lactic acid starter culture.

Net Weight - 3 oz package (sliced)

Produced in USDA EST. Number 00273

Gluten Free / Produced in a Plant where Nuts and Dairy may be Present

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