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The Spotted Trotter Salami Du Sud


True to its name, Salami Du Sud is a Southern Salami showcasing the toasty nuttiness of pecan and white wine, distinctively unique thanks to its southern sourced ingredients.

A perfect definition of New American Charcuterie, jazz up your homemade white pizza with whole salami slices or julienne-sliced for smaller bits that will crisp while baking. This salami will complement creamy soft-ripened cheeses as well as aged gouda. 

Net Weight - 3 oz package (sliced)

This salami is uncured by using celery juice powder and cherry juice powder. No sodium nitrites. 

Ingredients:  Pork, fennel, roasted/salted pecan powder, salt, white wine, dried oregano, celery juice powder (celery powder (natural flavor), sea salt, silicon dioxide (anti-caking), dried thyme, garlic, cherry juice powder (cherry powder (natural flavor), sea salt, silicon dioxide), black pepper, white pepper, dextrose.

Produced in USDA EST. Number 00273

Gluten Free / Produced in a Plant where Nuts and Dairy may be Present

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