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Introducing the "Southern Notes," a captivating fusion of flavors inspired by the vibrant culture and culinary traditions of the South.

From the southern charm of the United States to the sun-kissed shores of southern Europe, savor Belle Chevre's Honey and Fig “log in a cup” goat cheeses, complemented by Georgia-made raw honey, bursting with creamy goodness. Accompanying these delights are Sweet Grass Dairy's rich Thomasville and Green Hill cheeses, showcasing the art of Southern cheesemaking.

Spotted Trotter's Sopressata is infused with authentic Southern flavors – while its tantalizing Lamb & Beef Sujuk will have you coming back for more.

Included in this selection:

1 Belle Chevre Log in a Cup Honey - 6 Oz
1 Belle Chevre Log in a Cup Fig - 6 Oz
1 Sweet Grass Dairy Thomasville - 5 Oz
1 Sweet Grass Dairy Green Hill - 7.5 Oz
1 Spotted Trotter Salami du Sud - 3 Oz
1 Spotted Trotter Lamb & Beef Sujuk -  3 Oz
1 Pure Southern Honey Comb - 7 Oz

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