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Spicin’ It Up Board - FREE Acacia Wood Board


Indulge your fiery cravings with our sensational "Spicin’ It Up Board," curated to ignite your taste buds and satisfy your spicy desires. Embrace the fiery fusion of flavors with two jars of CHEVOO Urfa Chili & Lemon, bursting with the perfect balance of heat and citrusy zest.  Sweet Grass Dairy's Heat is a semi-firm cheese that packs a punch with its spicy undertones.
The Spotted Trotter's Spicy Chupa Cabra Salami is infused with a bold blend of fiery spices that will leave you craving for more. Pair it with the crunchy goodness of Firehook Sea Salt Crackers, perfect for complementing the robust flavors of the selection.
For a touch of sweetness, Janet's Finest Mango Compote (with jalapeños!) will add to your spicy journey. An Italian Olive Mix rounds out the assortment.

For a limited time and while supplies last, we are offering a FREE Small Chevoo Wooden board (a $14.90 value) with the purchase of our "Spicin' It Up" Board. We're also including Bamboo Tongs for effortless serving and presentation.

Included in this selection:

2 CHEVOO Urfa Chili & Lemon - 4 oz each
1 Sweet Grass Dairy Heat - 5 oz
1 Spotted Trotter Spicy Chupa Cabra Salami - 1.5 oz
1 Firehook Sea Salt Crackers - 5.5 oz
1 Janet’s Finest Mango Compote - 1.5 oz
1 Ficacci Italian Olives Pitted Mix - 6 oz
1 Bamboo Tongs
1 Small CHEVOO Acacia Wood Board (FREE) 

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